Top Ten Reasons for being a Greek

1. You get to shout about your culture although the only real culturemost Greeks have is what is growing betweentheir toes.
2. The police are even more corrupt than the criminals they are supposed to be chasing.
3. You can blow your nose in the street by pinching it between the thumb and forefinger and trumpeting forthwithout everyone around wretching their stomach contents up at the sight.
4. Old women can sport moustaches.
5. Young women can sport moustaches.
6. Men can be hairier than the average grizzly bear and not get put in a zoo.
7. You get to call the bouzouki a musical instrument when the rest of the world sees it as an instrument of torture.
8. You are the only nation to have lost its marbles and still wants to let everyone else around the world know aboutit.
9. Ridiculous bureaucracy.
10. Nana Mouskouri and Demis Roussos.

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